About me

I use Tarot cards, Runes, Tibetan Divination, and Angelic cards
I?m the first in Poland who specializes in Voyager tarot, a modern set introducing new, fascinating symbols related to present times.

Beginnings. Students Times
My journey with cards began when I was a student at NCU in Toruń. Before, in childhood, I had a feeling ? whenever I met cards subject, telling fortune, I always experienced a kind of inner certainty, I knew it somehow, and it was close to me.Then in a magazine I found quite a long information about Kaballah, spreading and explanations of meanings of traditional cards.

I learnt all meanings and started to give spreadings to my friends.
The truth is, the subject that prevailed in those divinations was love, relations. Some of my friends treated seances as fun, but for most of them it was important, and I stated, what I said meant one of possibilities and cards just showed an option, they might had not seen.
My seanses must had came true, since lots of my clients came to me again. It made me glad, what I said had some expression in reality both that of the past and at the moment of fortune telling and in the future. I wasn?t also surprised. For me, telling fortune has never been a fun, rather fascination and pleasure and I treated very seriously problems of my friends.

A true breakthrough came when put a spreading to myself, although I had rather avoided that, probably because of fear. In the bottom left corner of a spreading of 24 cards I saw large group of clubs and spades, practically one third of cards looked thrilling.
When just in the middle I saw the king and queen of clubs, I don?t know why - I said my brother?s name and I felt a strong fear. It appeared then that he and his wife were close to death because of carbon monoxide poisoning. Fortunately her mum found them, they were unconscious.
My attitude to cards changed, but my first reaction was fear and I put the cards away, as if it was my fault what happened.
Then I came back to cards, with more awareness, care and sense of responsibility for what feelings I caused. I was better prepared for information about coming threats and troubles.
At the same time I was interested in religions and philosophy of different traditions. It was like discovering new worlds.

Tarot. The first set
In 1984 I got a set of Rider Tarot cards from my friend Alison from the US. She didn?t know, I was fascinated in fortune telling. In her letter she just wrote, she had a clear inner message she should send me Tarot cards. Learning meanings was the greatest joy for me, the more so as I could find there lot of knowledge that I had got in relation to my interest in philosophy, religions and mysticism.

I discovered then, my fortune telling also came true and I felt this tool more than traditional cards. There were also more and more people coming from recommendation.

Then Runes appeared ? Scandinavian signs, I also got from my friend. In Poland runes were not popular and not many people knew about them. I got is as a set of white flat stones with carved runes on them. A new space, full of new connections and information was opened for me.
I use Runes as complement to Tarot set and as a separate system. In my seanses these two systems complete each other. U.S.A. Teachers
I was in the U.S. in 1990/1991. I had a privilege to meet wonderful people who played a big role in my spiritual journey and in contact with Tarot.

Voyager Tarot
At the beginning of the 90s I got unusual cards- Voyager Tarot- an original complete cards joining traditional message and symbols related to reality of modern life. It is a complicated and rich system introducing multilevel analysis of human being, a tool demanding additional big knowledge and skills. I have been using this system for over ten years and the more I learn about it, the more I got surprised with its possibilities in particular in the sphere of spiritual support.

Toruń. New stage. Development
This time my family moved to Toruń. I began a new stage of my path, having got 10 years experience in contact with a questioner through tools, in my case, cards, exploring knowledge, learning and teachings of my masters.

The endeavours go on ? knowledge about human nature and ability to read messages concerning past, present and future through Tarot, Runes, Tibetan Divination MO or other systems is an infinite are, full of places that wait to be explored.
I avoid treating fortune ? telling as routine, I work to make my approach to the questioner was full of attention and humble. Every Questioner is a different being, therefore, while looking at cards or other tools I open to new possibilities of perceiving and interpretation of messages.

My approach to the Tarot is positive and practical. During a reading I focus on the opportunities and potentials that are ahead for my client. I point out your strengths and advantages that will help you to overcome your fears and uncertainties. Even when you are going through a rough part of life we explore what this cycle is about, why you are experiencing it, and what this life lesson is that can be turned into a powerful tool for personal growth. My definition of divination is: "using special or intentional tools to focus our own intuitive energy to draw out information and answers hidden inside of ourselves". Tarot is a tool for self discovery and growth. The cards create a reflection of your situation and circumstances, giving you a metaphorical ?mirror?. Through this mirroring, you will have the ability to delve deeper within yourself to gain understanding and to help make appropriate choices.