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Events: St. Andrew's, New Year, Valentine's Day, a day of women

Screening individual in Torun

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Fortune telling Inana Tarot

I invite you to an individual seance In Toruń. Also people from all around Poland and other countries can benefit from my fortune - telling services by phone, skype and e-mail.

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  • Tarot/Voyager Tarot

    Tarot/Voyager Tarot

    Profesjonalne wróżby z kart tarota

  • Runes

    Runes cast

    Divination using the runes

  • Angel cards

    Angelic Cards

    Predictions of the Angelic cards

  • Tibetan Divination MO

    MO Tibetan Divination

    Predictions of the Tibetan Divination MO

  • Classic card

    Classic card

    Predictions using the classic card

  • Individual Screening

    Individual Screening

    Screening individual in Torun

  • Tarot online

    Tarot online

    Tarot by e-mail, skype, phone

  • Events


    Predictions for special events

I can help you in issues relating to different aspects of life, as:

  •   Possible events in the future
  •   > Another aspect of an issue
  •   Individual talents
  •   Possibility of improving a situation
  •   Ways to improve the situation
  •   Money. Business
  •   Answers to particular questions
  •   Undertakings. Partnership. Love
  •   Money. interests

You have an influence on what you are going to learn and on your fate, it?s you who takes a decision.